Used Seat Exeo ST review

Well, I meant to do this before I sold the car so I could do a little video walk around, but it sold a bit quick! As with most cars, reviews are done by the professionals when new and then they get forgotten about. Sometimes, it is good to share how well something has coped with life after a few years have passed. The Seat Exeo is basically and old Audi A4 saloon or estate with the dashboard from the convertible. I bought my 2012 estate when it was 3 years old, and had covered 33k miles. A well specced Sport Tech model with the revised front which was given a new grill and headlights (worth paying a little extra for if you can find one, just takes a couple of years off the look of it).

The outside had the 18 inch alloys, chrome roof rails, tinted windows, very subtle styling kit and daytime running lights. Overall a tidy looking motor, and you don't see too many red ones.

Already the VW 2.0 tdi had around 170bhp, this was upped to around 200bhp to help with the mid range punch.

The interior had full black leather, and this was still in excellent condition when sold having covered 101k miles. Managed to avoid any rips / tears over the years, and only given some leather treatment once (that I can remember) to keep it supple.

It came with the obvious electric windows, remote locking, dual zone climate, multiple airbags dotted around, sat nav, cruise control and auto lights / wipers. In the years of my ownership, the car was serviced every 10k, and passed its mot without issue. The only parts to be replaced were front and rear discs / pads, tires, and an air con valve, it was an impressively quick and reliable vehicle. Overall, the build quality of these is excellent, it may have a SEAT badge, but all Audi parts and it feels more expensive than it is. Very few negatives can be found in my opinion but here are the ones I had: The ride could be a little too firm, and may be worth looking at an SE model if doing a lot of miles. Also on this, the Sport sits a little lower, and while not by much, it does affect the towing - if not loaded perfectly, a caravan can make the car bounce a bit.

However, my biggest issue was the sat nav,

you could not enter a full postcode for your destination?! This became frustrating many times. Also with the sat nav, the info was on a CD, so the slot was taken up for the sat nav and any music had to be put on an SD card. Not the end of the world, but not great either.

These are not a well known car, and can be quite cheap to buy. If you need a mid sized saloon or estate, give one some serious consideration - well worth a look.

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