Terry the Terios - where it started!

Thought I would put some pics up of Terry the Terios, the car that started the green laning bug for me and my eldest. Technically, this is Terry 2, as the original was binned in an accident (Jimny drove into side of it). It was a mk1 Terios, and they do more than people give them credit for. The only reason we got rid is because of the lack of a low range box, but now wish we had kept it. Much better as a daily driver compared to the Jimny, and although not as good off road, still does a lot of the lanes.

Bought it as a standard car (2004 1.3 manual), and did a few little bits over the couple of years owning it. Started with a set of Event 698 all terrain tires and a light bar. Tires were standard size 205/70/15, but wish I had fitted the 195/80/15 for that tiny bit of extra clearance. My co-pilot wanted a video of the splash on one of the first outings:


Over time, it was fitted with a 2" lift, sump guard, petrol tank guard, snorkel and roof bars.

The tires, although cheap, were excellent. They took some punishment, performed well on the lanes, and were absolutely fine on tarmac.

Mods - you can't really buy anything off the shelf for one of these, unless you ship from abroad and everything was expensive. So everything was made, some of it looks more home made than others!!

The guards were first, as we seemed to be catching quite a lot. I took some measurements and got these bent to shape at a local engineering shop, then just drilled and bolted on. Can't remember if it was 3mm or 5mm steel. Either way, they took some abuse!

Then we went for a 2" lift. Again, had the springs made up, and had them made a bit stiffer. If I was to do one again, I don't think the stiffness was needed, it made the ride crap. I left the original front shocks on, but really should have fitted extenders which I never got round to. The rear, to get the correct travel, I used some shocks from a Ford Maverick. When finished it compressed nicely and didn't drop too far either.

After we had done a few water crossings, decided to fit a raised air intake as quite often the water was coming over the bonnet. Another bodge job I'm afraid, done with a snorkel top from Ebay, and some pipe from B&Q!! However, it did the job it was designed to and certainly made the car unique. I'm sure if I had looked, I may have been able to find one that was close to fitting to give it a more professional look.

Although the side steps were hollow, and flimsy, they certainly came in handy a few times and stops the sills being smashed. We were going to take it to Wales (but never actually got round to it) and fitted some roof bars so we could carry some waffle boards. This little car managed to take us laning, camping, and a couple of pay and play days. They are only a 'soft roader' but great fun, and need a bit more concentration when on the rough stuff. As they are tall and narrow, what looks tame in the pics feels much worse in the car.

Here is a clip from one of my youtube videos, about 3:10 is the better bit. Been back to this lane since, and the steps have been graded unfortunately.


Whatever you drive, get out there and enjoy the lanes, it isn't just for walkers and Land Rovers!


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