Swapping indicator and wiper stalks on Jimny

Hi, I should be concentrating on the dual battery system, but decided to start this while waiting for parts. Having had it on the 'to do' list for a couple of years, thought it was time. The wife doesn't like the indicators on the right, and to be fair, I'm not a fan either. Wish I hadn't started it though, what a pain in the butt!! However, now I've sussed it, this should make it a lot easier for someone looking to do the same. I was originally looking at fitting them from a Liana, just because they looked similar! But I managed to find some Jimny ones the right way round from Latvia (yes, Latvia!). They did not arrive with the plugs (so could not check colour sequence), but I assumed it would just be plug and play as they looked the same and were from another Jimny. I was wrong. So:

You will need to remove the top and bottom covers to get access, only 3 screws

You will find it a lot easier to remove the top piece if you remove the cluster surround as well, 2 screws

Surprising how mucky everything is when removing, so a good opportunity to have a wipe over!

That is quite a bit space - starting to wonder about a custom dash.........

Pull firmly on the bottom panel beneath the steering wheel and remove

You can then unclip the wiring from the stalks and from under the dash, makes it easier to work with

The stalks are held in with 2 small screws each, undo and then slide outwards.

Now here was the part that stuffed me. Well, 1 of the parts! I was hoping the replacement stalks would slide into the old housing, they don't. The indicator stalk is fine, slide that in place and put the 2 screws in. The wiper stalk however is too big. The bottom of it is stopped and this bit of plastic needs to be cut away. You can see here where it gets stuck (they came with the original housing, which may be used, I don't know. Didn't want to take steering wheel off to find out).

But, cut it flat next to the slider and all goes well.

That is the first problem overcome.

I plugged the indicator stalk in, nothing works. Turns out, you need to reverse all the wires. If you can remove the pins, do so, and have a nice neat job. I could not remove the pins, and it looks crap, but is all hidden now and no-one knows! Once reversed, plug back in and all good. Sorry, forgot to say, it is not a complete mirror image, the indicator wires stay the same, otherwise when you flick up for right, the left flashes. As I write this, I can't remember the colour, but use a multimeter, easy to find.

Next is the wipers. This is a mirror image. What I didn't notice though was there are 10 spaces, and 9 wires, remember to include the space in your mirror image, and move it to the other side!! Otherwise, nothing works apart from the wipers won't turn off. It is very easy to blow the fuse by the way. If you do so, it is the 15amp blue fuse under the dash (drivers side).

Obviously, repeat sequence to put back together.

Once done, there should be no issues when jumping between motors.

Now, need to crack on with the 2nd battery (but now considering a rear door table....)

Have fun!

UPDATE - taken it out today for fuel, just thought I would advise that you no longer have self cancelling on the indicators!

2020 clsdoncaster

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