Little Jim in surgery!

Hi, poor Little Jim has been off the road a while due to some slight rust issues! While it was originally laid up for the 4x4 system, I decided to pressure wash it underneath and give it a coat of underseal. Managed to do the rear arches, but then found some rust on the body where it attaches to both mounts (just in front of the doors).

Although not good, I figured it would be a simple fix for a good welder, so bought some 2mm steel for the patches. After a few weeks of waiting (he was very busy!) Little Jim was dropped off for some repair work. I thought I could see some rust near the headlights, so asked him to check for me while he had it, and patch up if required. HA! - These were the pics I got sent while I was sat at work.

Turns out it needed more than a patch job!!

With the bumper and inner arches removed, it revealed the whole front end had rotted away. The front body wasn't really attached to the chassis anymore. Sitting at work, looking at the pictures, I was ready to strip the car and sell it! But called in to see it on may way home, and a plan was formulated. A new panel was bought from Ebay (can find the seller if needed) and this arrived in a couple of days. My welder friend did say there were no issues with the panel, no modifications required. The old front end was cut off.

And the new panel test fitted. While we could get to things, some zinc primer was sprayed everywhere.

Test fit good, the panel got zinc coated

Unfortunately, the inner wings had also gone a little bit, and needed to be cut back and some inserts welded in.

And while the front was in bits, I decided to treat myself (even though I couldn't really afford it!). Got myself a winch plate and front recovery points.

Bolted to the chassis legs and the front beam

And with the main part of the bumper back on (uncut as no winch yet)

My job should have been simple, cut and re-fit the lower bumper. To be honest, I made a right mess of it!! All I needed to do was measure up and cut holes for the recovery points, but I obviously wasn't in a patient mood and rushed it. Decided this top part needed cutting, but in hind sight, it may have fitted anyway.

The recovery points hit exactly where the front fog light wire was clipped!

So, hacked them

And after fitting, realised the holes were far too big, but too late!!

Decided to put the number plate back on over the winch plate for now, until I decide where it will stay.

So, if there is a moral to this story, with Jimny ownership, expect plenty of rust, and take your time when doing work!

Oh, yes the under sealing has now been completed.

2020 clsdoncaster

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