Jimny with A/C and ABS- fitting a second battery


Anytime you look at doing this, it seems to be for cars with no abs or no air-con. However, Little Jim is a 2007 with both, so given it a go anyway. Wanted the battery as it will help when we can't get a pitch with electric hook up, and we plan on fitting a winch as well. As with all things on this site - I am not a professional so take advise at your own risk!

Keep watching........

Right, got a bit further forward.

Remove the 2 bolts holding on the washer bottle, and disconnect the 2 pipes from the pumps:

I have decided for my needs I will only need a 50amp leisure battery, and this seems to be the best size for fitment. Got mine from starterbatteries2011 on Ebay. You may be able to go slightly bigger, you'll have to do your own measurements. Ordered a battery carrier (177mm x 212mm) from t7design on Ebay and fitted next to the ABS module. Pushed it as far back as possible to have as much height as I can get.

The coolant bottle bracket acts as a support, there is a hole already to use at the back, so just 1 to drill. The carrier seemed solid enough, or so I thought! However, when the battery was fitted, there was a little movement, and when out on the lanes, I think this would be increased. So, made (bent!) a little support bracket:

And when fitted, keeps it all solid!

Got some bits on order, so will update shortly......

Hi, back for another update.

While trying to work out what to do with the washer bottle, I was looking at Ebay, looking in the kitchen draw at water bottles, not sure what to do. The original washer bottle will not fit in front on the battery. This was one idea I came up with, but changed my mind. Fitted a pipe to feed the pumps, but wasn't happy with it:

Had a rummage in the garage (all the stuff the wife tells you to throw away - don't, it does come in handy!) Found a couple of brackets that looked the perfect size:

Fitting here:

The space in the engine bay, again, just the right size. This was my solution:

Drilled into the body to attach the brackets, but if you are going this way too, be aware the wiring loom is attached there too! This just clears the brake pipes.

Just need to extend the wiring, and pipework.

I am not sure if this will move too much, so decided to fit a bracket to the bottom, but have fitted it to the engine.

Having thought about it, it is a stupid idea, need to remove as when the engine moves, it will break the bottle. Will have another think on this.

Wires / relay should be here soon, will provide an update shortly.

Box of goodies arrived (venab_jane on Ebay, I ordered 2m length wire, I think this is just too short):

And made a start. Relay fitted (currently held together with tie wraps, but replacement on it's way). This will fit with the fuse where the washer bottle used to screw in.

Routing the +ve wire under the battery tray, -ve connects to the body (grounding point just near ABS).

Had a look at the supplied diagram:

Decided the best ignition supply was the alternator. There is a white / red wire, so connected to that.

All connected, turned the car on, all seems OK. Both batteries charging, no obvious issues, or so it seemed. Got in the car, and noticed the engine management light had come on? Also, when the engine was revved, the split charge relay started clicking. Had enough of it today, stepping away before I break something permanently! Rear work lights have also mysteriously stopped working - walking away now......

Finished work, decided to have a quick look. EML still on, but will look at that another day! Let the car tick over for half an hour to see if the batteries equalized charge. It seems to have worked, no more clicking! Just waiting for a pipe connector and we should have the washer bottle sorted, so should be just 1 more update to follow.

Right then, final update on this. The rear work lights not operating was simply me knocking a connector off the relay! Washer bottle all plugged in and plumbed in, working correctly.

New relay fitted, just need to work out the EML light. Borrowed a code reader, and cleared the p0403 fault. Start engine, light back on. Long story short, it turns out that the wire I had chosen to turn on the relay for the 2nd battery was the issue. Not sure why, but it was. Scratched my head, then found a new source. No more EML issues when connected here

Also, fitted a battery % / V meter in the rear next to the inverter (older than my kids!) so we can keep a check on it

Again, hope this helps someone out, thanks for reading.

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