Jimny interior removal

Been getting a few jobs done while the weather has been nice. On the list of things to do, wanted to get the interior painted in hammerite, so here it is.

Front seats unbolt easy enough (these should not get rusty). There are 2 plastic covers over the rear bolts, these just un-clip with a bit of pressure. No wires to watch out for (unless you have posh heated seats). 1 here:

And 1 here:

Once the front are out, it makes the rear seat removal a bit easier. Do the seat pad first, this needs a firm tug upwards in each front corner to remove from the clips here:

Then just slide forwards.

This will expose a plastic cover next to the seat belts. Remove the small center piece 1st which unclips easy, then go to rear of car and remove the larger piece (this was a bit of a pain on mine, but will eventually come away!):

Remove the 4 exposed bolts, be aware these may have rusted in a little. Then there is a bolt you can see on back of seat:

When you have removed this, the bracket you can see will also need to be removed if you want to remove the side panels.

Next, take out the center console, just 2 self tapping screws and slide forwards towards dash to remove:

The front part with the gear stick is 4 screws. I didn't fully remove this as I just needed to lift it up for my purpose:

Then the side panels. Do the kick plates 1st, these are held in with 3 clips (not all will survive!), then the front speaker covers, just 1 popper to remove and then slide towards you and upwards:

Remove the seat belt bolts, and unscrew the screws in the floor, 2 per panel. Then the rear panels just unclip. I started at the back, and worked forwards. Does need to be slid forwards to remove from round the door.

And that should do you! Lick of paint:

Clean everything while it is out, it's amazing what you can find, and then pop it all back in!

Hope this helps another novice.

2020 clsdoncaster

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