Jimny home made awning


Well, it has been a busy few days! Managed to fix the transfer selection, so stuck some wheels on Little Jim and set about the awning. Decided we wanted one for camping, so we can use as a sun shade or put front of tent under it so we have some dry space when raining. Looked at a proper awning, but they were £150!! Did mine for about £20, bargain at twice the price. Used a 1.4 by 1.8 meter tarp, 2 old tent poles, heavy duty tie wraps, and guide ropes / pegs.

Fitted the short edge to the roof rack:

Using 2 heavy duty tie wraps on each of the 3 eyelets (roof needs a wash!)

Then using 2 poles and 4 ropes, all goes together nicely, and high enough (just) to stand under. The poles are about 170 cm, Little Jim is a bit taller

Then to pack away, pegs go in the boot, the ropes wrap around the shortened poles, which in turn flip inside so you can use them to roll up the tarp.

Then some velcro straps to keep tidy when on the move!

So, what do you think!? Not as fancy as shop bought, but not as expensive either.


2020 clsdoncaster

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