Jimny - fitting manual hubs

As part of the 4x4 repair, I have finally got round to fitting the manual hubs (sourced from https://www.jimnybits.com/jimny/drivetrain.html )


Before you start here - you need to have disconnected the vac lines - have a look here on how to do this - https://www.clsdoncaster.com/post/jimny-4wd-issue-resolved

To remove the original vacuum hub, you will need an E10 torx socket, make sure you get the long one as short ones don't fit next to the hub!

To fit the new manual hubs, you will need a torx screwdriver:

6mm allen key:

and gasket sealant (optional, but I think it should be on):

Remove the 6 bolts from the hub:

Smear a small layer of sealant on both sides of the gasket:

You will need to split the new hub in half to enable you to access the new bolts:

Then finally refit the bit you just took off:

And it is that easy! No need to take it to a garage, doesn't take long to do, and you don't even take the wheel off! Another novice job well done.

Thanks for reading.

2020 clsdoncaster

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