First outing of the year for Little Jim!

Well, it's cold, wet and miserable, but we're all smiling!!

March 2020, it has done nothing but rain for weeks on end, but time to get out and enjoy the scenery and get Little Jim out for a decent run. Unfortunately we missed the snow, but wet lanes are always fun. With my usual companion in the passenger seat, we set off after I finished work Friday night to Scotch Corner, just to cover some distance so it wasn't a daft o'clock start Saturday morning. The meeting point was only in Stanhope, but as Little Jim is an under powered Lego brick, everywhere takes forever to get to! Before I go any further - just a note - all outings are organised and lanes checked to make sure no undue damage is caused. If you are new to green laning and want a friendly group to try, we normally go out with . Anyway, on we go.........

A bit of background, LJ is a 2007 Suzuki Jimny, with a few basic modifications. I do fancy doing a piece on here at a later date just running through what has been done, so keep a look out.

As usual, Little Jim was travelling mainly with Land Rovers (including Ians lovely sounding V8, and Grahams Freelander 1), but we did have a Jeep with us on this trip. Standard practice is to give a bit of friendly banter with the Green Oval lovers and try and decide which one will break down or lose bits, but I am ashamed to say it was the turn of LJ. After the first lane, he decided that we no longer needed 4X4, so we were stuck in 2WD high for the rest of the day. We didn't tell anyone till the end though, just to avoid what I am sure would be ever helpful comments! When it was time to leave and head South, it was at this point he switched into 4WD high and wouldn't come back out! Not ideal when you have 114 miles to go home and you shouldn't use 4WD on tarmac, oh well! But, even in 2WD, we managed to have some fun. The weather forecast said it should have been dry and cloudy, but it wasn't, it peed it down all day. But to cheer ourselves up, we got some splashy photos.

The sun never did come out.

Some of the lanes held hidden dips

Part of the fun using a little car is it takes a bit more work, the puddles seem deeper, and the angles seem steeper. Always feels worse inside than it looks on the camera though!

All in all, a good day out as usual, catching up with old friends, enjoying the scenery.

I'll get the hang of this writing lark as I keep going, so stick with it.....

......and hopefully Little Jim will be fixed in time for Wales in May.

You can catch a quick video:

2020 clsdoncaster

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