Changing the alternator on my Jimny

I'm quite enjoying doing these little write ups, even if no-one enjoys reading them, but I hope they help someone. Had an ongoing issue with belt squeal, usual upon starting the engine, but also at random times like coming up to a junction. Didn't seem to be weather related, belts were new and tight and no obvious damage to anything. The only thing I could think of was the alternator, as the noise could be reduced if taking load off (switching off lights etc), but local garage said alternator was fine and could find no issues anywhere else. The other point to note, is if sitting stationary having first started the engine, the revs would increase when the noise abated. So I assumed this was something causing resistance on the belt. As I was not 100% confident it was the alternator, I bought a 2nd hand one (BB Autos in Chesterfield are quite helpful) . I figured it would be a quick job - but the bottom bolt decided otherwise! If you haven't done one before, hopefully this will help.

You should need only a flat head screwdriver, a 10mm and12mm spanner, an 8mm allen key, a spanner for leverage on allen key, something to shove alternator to tighten belt and possibly wd40.

Disconnect the battery (10mm)

Remove airbox and pipe for better access (flat head screwdriver)

Also slide plastic tank up out of its brackets, this needs to be out of way so you can remove the alternator

Unplug the back of the alternator, and disconnect the cable attached with 10mm nut hiding under grey cover

These are from here on the alternator

Then, loosen the top bolt on the alternator using a spanner (you cannot get access with a socket) and then get under the car to swear at the bottom bolt. This is an 8mm allen key, access is appalling and you cannot turn it far each time. I used a ring spanner to get some extra leverage on the allen key as the bolt was quite tight, even after a bit of WD40 on it.

With this eventually removed, take out the top bolt and slide alternator out (is still a bit of a pain) and the obviously, refitting is the reverse.

So far, this does look to have cured my problem, but time will tell. Unfortunately Little Jim is getting no use at the moment.

I hope these little guides are helpful, no one is leaving feedback so not really sure.


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