Budget friendly modified Jimny walk around

Well, thought I would do a little walk around of Little Jim, and show the mods that have been completed over the last couple of years, and mention those to come. Some of the mods have a little guide on this site, but if you want any other info, feel free to ask.

Watch the FULL REVIEW video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ud23qIo5WU&t=66s

The observant among you will notice the spare tire does not match the rest - there is a reason! The car has a noise, quite loud, when driving and I put it down to the mud tires. However, put the old road tires on and the noise is still there. Currently still under investigation. The tires usually on it are 195/80/15 Insa Dakar. These are quite noisy on tarmac, handling isn't too bad, and seem perfect on the lanes (grippy without tearing up the lane). Have noticed however that after 10k, and a couple of years, they are cracked between the tread blocks - not what I expected.

Also, when the car was on axle stands, I decided to pressure wash it underneath and get the under sealing done (been on the 'to-do' list for some time!). However, made a start, and noticed some crusty areas on the body near the front mounts. Having poked about, these areas have developed into large holes, and along with the headlight panel, it is booked for getting some welding done so SORN as I write this. The Jimny in general does seem to attract rust!

As we have started on tires, the next logical step is move to suspension. This has a 2" lift, comprising spring spacers and longer shocks. I did originally buy the Jimnybits spacer set, but decided to replace the shocks (Vitmods) instead of using the extenders. This for me keeps the ride feeling original, keeps cost down, but does help flex:

As the castor correction needed to be done, all the bushes were replaced with poly (again, Jimnybits).

Sticking with the underside, a steering damper was fitted (Ebay special), and also a transfer box guard. At the rear, single electric towbar for the trailer tent.

Although no serious issues yet, I have noticed we catch the plug occasionally on the lanes and the bracket gets bent. The towbar also doubles as a recovery point (although never use the towball!). We have now got rid of the trailer tent and moved onto a caravan (upgrades here too! https://www.clsdoncaster.com/post/caravan-budget-upgrades---updating )

Manual hubs have been fitted on the front due to suspected vac issues on the original system.

These were the cheaper option ones from Jimnybits, not had any off road use from them yet so cannot give any comments on them. They did fit nice and easy though.

Moving upwards, a raised air intake (can't remember from where, probably Jimnybits) connected to standard air box with K&N filter fitted. Makes a bit of noise under acceleration, but obviously no power increase unfortunately! Have thought about going the 1.6 route, but quite like the under powered nature of it that makes you work a bit harder.

Also under the bonnet is the new dual battery set up:

It has been pointed out to me that it is not the best looking set up, but unfortunately I could not find off the shelf parts for this when you have air-con, and I'm not the best at being neat.

LED light bar fitted at the front to the rack, can't remember what size, but was an Ebay special. Went for one with both flood and spot lights and it works fantastic.

This is connected to a separate switch on the dash, it is not in the light circuit. Also got 2 small work lights fitted on the rear, again operated on their own switch. The rear lights are run from the newly fitted 2nd battery so can be used when camping.

The plastic roof rails have been removed, and a rack fitted directly to their mounting points. Pete Hazzard advertises on the forums for this rack. It seems sturdy enough, the kids have been up there and it has also transported 8 x 2.4m sleepers

Attached to this rack is also my home made awning

And I think that is the outside complete!!

Inside is fairly stock. The head unit has been upgraded to a DAB Kenwood job, this was mainly so I could use an SD card for the music. Although the front speakers are original, rear speakers have also been fitted in the space behind the side panels. This was an easy enough job, just need to know the connection is behind the panel on the passenger side.

There is a small 240v inverter fitted in the boot, and this must be at least 20 years old! Does what I need it for though, so not buying a new one. This is also connected to the 2nd battery.

The last thing connected to the 2nd battery is a 12v power outlet and USB charger ports

An Albrecht ae6110 CB radio has been installed under the dash, with power supply to it, the old sat nav and dash cam, fitted where the ash tray used to be.

Although seeing it in a picture, looks a bit unsightly.

Having spent many hours in the car on lanes, it did become annoying that my right knee was sore due to banging on the electric window switch due to lack of space! So, fitted my patent pending, budget knee protector!

Finally, after many complaints from the wife, had a look at the indicator / wiper stalks. As the Jimny has them on the other side to every other car on the road, decided to swap them round


There are a couple of jobs lined up, some further away than others! Immediate future should see a drop down table for the rear door (with heat shield so we can use the camp stove), and a roof net to store pillows when camping to stop them getting any mess on them.

I would like to change the front seats, because I find them super uncomfortable on long trips. I currently put on some cheap seat covers with padding underneath.

Side steps are being looked at, just waiting for Pete who made the roof rack to start looking at making some.

Lastly, winch on a hidden tray. This has dropped down the list quite a bit due to purchase of new mutt!


Door table now done, minus the heat shield as the self adhesive foil, wasn't adhesive!

You can see the video of how to do one yourself here:


The roof net has also been fitted :

And the winch plate was fitted when Little Jim was in surgery.

Winch has now turned up - just need to get that fitted!!

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own motor!

2020 clsdoncaster

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