4x4 Rear Door Table

Hi, made a start today on the rear door table for Little Jim. Yes, I am aware it is a simple job, it is only split into 2 sections because I need the foil and paint to arrive. I normally do more detailed pics for these, but was actually trying to do a video this time, and got neither good pics for this, or a good video for youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hq1sK4PrIE

Oh well, shouldn't try and multitask.

As with all projects on here, everything is done with things in the garage, the only thing I needed to order was the self adhesive foil. There are neater ways of doing this, and more professional looking ones, but budget friendly is the key here - only spend what you need!!

There are no wires at the very top and bottom of the door, so you are relatively safe to drill and screw in these areas. I decided to fit a small table as when stopping for breaks when out on the lanes, thought it would be nice to have somewhere to put my drink and sandwiches, also somewhere for the camping stove to sit if needed.

Got some bits together, although in the end decided not to fit the stoppers as I don't think it will rattle (time will tell!)

I measured up, and decided a 300mm x 600mm table would be the right size, so had a look in my off cut pile. I found this piece of plywood, and although it is smaller, I didn't have to cut anything so obviously this became the perfect size! Just sanded down the rough edges, some were nearly straight as well! Fitted a couple of brackets to the door panel.

As the screws I had were a decent size, I fitted an extra baton for them to screw into. Again, a piece of off cut sanded down.

Couple of small L brackets in the draw, these were ideal for the top, somewhere for the football boot laces to attach to

Had some velcro in the magic draw (left over from the awning project), so 1 bit attached to the back of the table

And another piece fitted to the door.

Drilled a hole in each corner and used the laces to hold the table when in the down position.

Just waiting for the self adhesive foil to arrive, and that will fit to the door (and possibly the table, not decided yet), and need to get some paint for the fence, so I'll use that for the table later. Will update shortly with final pics of it completed.....

So, the foil arrived in the post - and it was not self adhesive!! It was a thin foil mat type of stuff, with some crap stickers. Tried to fit it anyway, and it just fell off. Tried again with double sided tape, that didn't work either.

Anyway, finally managed to get my fence paint, so got this painted while I had the brush out, and here is the final look.

And packed away

I may revisit this, a thin piece of aluminium pot riveted to the door may be the answer for the heat shield, will update if I get it sorted!

Thanks for reading.

2020 clsdoncaster

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